Craig Wright

Q: Hi! I just wanted to say you're tumblr/instagam really inspire me :) you are extremely talented!
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Q: This isn't really a question, just wanted to say you know what's hilarious about the mariijjuana or whatever the f who posted that long paragraph of hate? They somehow knew quite a bit about your life which means that he or she actually has taken the time to see what you're all about! He or she is so obviously completely jealous of your life & I feel sorry for them too. You're very artistic and I love that you think of everything so deeply. Peace n love girly
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Q: Do you like Polaroids, disposables or 35mm film better?
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Q: You're absolutely lovely and an inspiration. No matter what people say, don't ever forget that. <3
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Q: you're such a little spoiled brat... got married with 19y/o to run away from your mormon family&city, and found a older man to sustain you! hahah so pathetic! i can even imagine you like "oh keaten i know i said i wanted my hair to grow out naturally but ugh i just can't post any selfie on my instagram pls give me some money to get my hair bleached" you're so alone w your stupid cat inside that tiny studio while keaten is traveling and living his life. grow up lazy ass
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